Have you heard about fleshjack? It is Fleshlight sex toy from ILF dedicated strictly for gay people only. Fleshlight line for gays is even more attractive than fleshlights for straights. The most popular product in fleshjack line is Original.

Fleshjack Original

The Fleshjack Originals are the best way to get enjoying the hottest Male Sex Toy in the World! The fleshjack masturbation sleeves used in the Original series has got a very smooth canal. When me, you or every other gay will be using it, it is highly reasonable to use with your favorite water-based lubricant. Only the combination Lube – Fleshjack are a perfect connection of pleasure. All Fleshjack Originals come complete with a black fleshjack case and free Gun Oil H2O 2oz lubricant.

fleshjack original

Ice Jack

Other most popular Gay product is Ice Fleshjack or simply – Ice Jack :) This Fleshjack product is up to date, giving you the same cosmic pleasures as the ordinary one but with one significant difference – a funktastic view of your own Wee going in and out without breaking a sweat. It is the “clear version” of well known Real Feel Superskin that allows you to observe your gangsta dong hanging around and cumming inside it….. oh it is so funktastic…. being a witness your own final ejaculation!

fleshjack ice

Fleshjack Vibro

Another best selling Fleshjack family item is Vibrating sex toy – The Fleshjack Vibro. It is the next generation of the well known sex toy all over the world. Fleshjack Vibro features revolutionary way of having orgasm by creating vibration inside each sleeve that drive everyone sensations to the limit of excitement. The Fleshjack Vibro old well known legendary patented Real Feel Superskin as every Fleshjack devices. It has got an extra level of vibrating sensation.


Flesjack Motion

If all items above did not fully satisfied you, take a look at Fleshjack Furnitures Collection called Flesjack Motion:) It is a set of….. furnitures that can handle you with keeping your fleshjack in a right place. Enhance your Fleshjack experience using this few mounts designed exclusively by Liberator® Bedroom Adventure Gear Company. Fleshjack motion is a future of Fleshjack, you can do with it everything you want, with your partner at one time….it’s amazingly funktastic having your gay partner very close to you ticking your ear during fleshjack fun.